16 Precious Dogs With Their Mini-Me’s


Who needs to see adorable human Dad and baby photos when we could all gush over dogs with their puppies? Trust me

anything involving puppies is a 100% win-win situation. You won’t find a better way to spend your time than ooh’ing and ahh’ing over a big, happy doggo and their itsy-bitsy pupper! In fact, few things in life are nearly as precious as puppies but when you put them in adorable photographs with Mom or Dad looking like a mini-me… well that’s like the cherry on top of an already amazing day.

Don’t believe me? Put your paws up and have a look for yourself… this is the cutest stuff you will see ALL day.

Proud mama is SO PROUD
Maximum Fluffy Achieved
Ultimate D'awh
The vicious pittbull.
Puppy days
All the babies.
It's okay son, mama is here.
Good mama.
Proud Daddy
Like father, like son.
Cue: Maximum cuteness
Newborn snuggles are best snuggles.
Too much cute...
Well, you know what they say!


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