Herd of elephants electrocuted while hunting for food

A herd of elephants were electrocuted after coming into contact with low-hanging power cables while on the hunt for food.

 Picture: CEN

The elephants were a piece of a group of around 15 that drew close to Kamalanga, a town in Dhenkanal area of Orissa state, India, on Saturday. The remains were spotted by villagers who at that point educated the timberland protects.

Stunning video film demonstrates four elephants in the stream while three are lying on the way running along the bank.

The seven well evolved creatures were said to have heading towards the stream from an adjacent paddy field. Reports said that they interacted with drooping 11-kilovolt control links. It is said to be the most noteworthy number of elephants murdered in a solitary episode in Odisha’s known history.

Picture: CEN

 Authorities from the woods division visited the scene and sorted out the evacuation of the immense elephants‘ bodies. A representative called it ‘most dismal’ and pointed a finger at the power office, blaming them for recklessness. The announcement stated: ‘We have lost seven elephants in view of the focal power organization’s carelessness.

 Picture: CEN

‘The power specialist was continually being told about the low-hanging links, both by woodland office authorities and neighborhood occupants.’ According to reports, the state government has since suspended six authorities and expelled a lesser designer of the power organization esteemed mindful. In the mean time, the timberland division has suspended three staff individuals including the officer of Dhenkanal pending their own examination.

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