Top Popular Small Dog

Top Popular Small Dog

The Best of the smallest dogs in the world

Top Popular Small Dog
  • Small dogs are extremely popular for importante reasons. First, they are considered portable,meaning they can fit in little carriers . In general, they require little space and many do well in cramped homes and apartments.
  • Most of all, these little ones are absolutely adorable! What other reason do you need?
  • all type of dog comes with challange. A little dog can be as much of a handful as any other dog.
  • Small dogs make up for their size with huge personalities, which means they will benefit from a special approach to training.
  • Also, don’t let the small size fool you: little dogs still need plenty of exercise and activities.
  • Little dogs need less food. It always costs less money to board a small dog. Many dog supplies, like leashes and collars, will cost less when they are tiny.
  • Veterinary services are usually the same cost for all sizes, but medications and preventive products are often significantly less expensive for small dogs than for large dogs.
  • If the a small dog is right for you, check out this list of the most popular small dog .
  • You don’t have to go to a breeder for a small dog, though. If you desire a specific breed, you can contact local breed-specific rescue groups.
  • Otherwise, your local animal shelters and pet rescues have plenty of small mixed breed dogs

#Yorkshire Terrier

Top  Popular Small Dog

Natasha Japp Photography / Getty Images
  • One of the most popular of all dog , the Yorkshire Terrier is a favorite among fans of small dog .
  • This nice little dog is known for its blue and tan colored silky long hair.
  • The Yorkie is the quintessential “purse dog,” rarely touching the ground and often seen with a bow in its hair.
  • But becarful, this is not a wimpy dog. The Yorkie makes up for its small stature with a huge personality.
  • Believe it or not, this breed can be quite the watchdog, vocally alerting you to the goings-on around the house.
  • However, the Yorkie is not really cut out to do a job; this breed is meant to be an affectionate companion

# Dachshund

 Top  Popular Small Dog

Jessica Shaver Photography / Getty Images
  • Another highly popular dog , the Dachshund is a little hound beloved.
  • The Dachshund has many nicknames: doxie, wiener dog, sausage dog, hotdog, etc.
  • Of course, they mostly relate to the breeds distinct appearance. With its short, stubby legs and a long, round body, the Dachshund is easy to spot.
  • Dachshunds are seen in standard or miniature size, the latter is ideal for the small dog enthusiast.
  • This breed comes in three coat types: smooth, long or wire. The Dachshund is sweet and affectionate to its trusted family members but can be a bit wary of strangers.
  • However, once you fall for this little cutie, you’ll never go back.

# Poodle

Top  Popular Small Dog

Consuelo Almaz?n Carretero / Getty Images
  • The Poodle is a popular dog that is known for its tight curls and specific haircut
  • The breed has a rich history as a favorite of the aristocracy. Poodles have also been known as entertaining performers.
  • Possibly due to its fancy and dainty appearance, many people don’t realize that the Poodle is a highly intelligent dog.
  • maby one reason the breed is so popular is that it comes in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard.
  • The standard is a medium to large-sized dog, but the miniature and standard are ideal for one seeking a small dog. Plus,
  • much to the delight of their enthusiasts, the smaller Poodles are known for their longevity.

# Shih Tzu

 top Popular Small Dog

Geri Lavrov / Getty Images
  • The Shih Tzu is yet highly popular dog . This member of the toy breed group is basically the poster child for lap dogs,
  • which is no surprise since the breed originated strictly as a companion.
  • The Shih Tzu is a small dog with long, silky hair that often includes a bow.
  • However, many owners like to keep the coat trimmed to a shorter length that is easier to maintain.
  • The Shih Tzu is a pampered pet with an alert and confident disposition.
  • Yet, despite its size, the breed is actually quite hardy and can hold its own.

# Miniature Schnauzer

Top  Popular Small Dog

di Wong Images
  • The miniatur Schnauzer is an energetic small dog with a friendly but tough personality.
  • Easily recognized by its signature bearded haircut, this Terrier has remained among the most popular dog breeds for many years.
  • The Miniature Schnauzer has a real sense of loyalty and protectiveness towards its family.
  • This is also known to be a “barky” breed and needs a solid foundation of training. However, this active Terrier can make a wonderful companion.

# Chihuahua

Top  Popular Small Dog

  • Chihuahuas are some of the world’s tiniest dogs, but they have some of the biggest personalities.
  • These small dogs are often seen being toted around in the designer bags of some celebrities. Their hair coats may be smooth or long.
  • While lovable and loyal, Chihuahuas are also highly active and sassy dogs with major “tough dog” attitudes.
  • These are great dogs, but they are not for everyone. However, with serious training and socialization, the Chihuahua can make a wonderful companion.

# Pug

Top  Popular Small Dog

Alf Jönsson
  • Cute as a button and sweet as candy, it’s no surprise that the Pug is a popular dog breed.
  • These little round dogs are jovial and playful souls. Pugs were even once the pets of royalty and the companions of Tibetan monks.
  • Despite their reputation for breathing problems and eye issues, Pugs make delightful pets.
  • Affectionate, energetic and even-tempered, they can be a lovely match for nearly anyone.
  • It has been said that the Pug is many in a small spac and this is the rigt.
  • Pugs are active yet compact dogs that make wonderful companions for all kinds of families.

# Pomeranian

Top  Popular Small Dog

Andrew Fladeboe
  • The Pomeranian looks like a cross between a stuffed animal and a tiny lion.
  • Its look long, fluffy coat and bright personality make this an unforgettable dog.
  • Poms are energetic and sometimes bossy small dogs with an intense loyalty to their loved ones.
  • Owners of Poms need to take special care to ensure that their dogs do not gain the upper hand.
  • This may be easier said than done, though.
  • It’s not easy to say no to that adorable smiling ball of fluff! These are precious dogs, but they are not for everyone.
  • Poms are great for people who want a small lap dog that also has the energy to run and play, and a bit of strong-willed spirit.​

# Boston Terrier

 Top  Popular Small Dog

Tereza Jancikova 
  • The Boston Terrier is cheerful, smart, loyal and even-tempered–a true pleasure to be around.
  • One of the more popular dog and a true all-American dog, the dog originates from the crossing of an English Bulldog with a white English Terrier.
  • The result was a dog that would eventually become known as the Boston Terrier (named after the city in which it was created).
  • Bostons are playful and energetic, also they love to spend time in their owner’s laps, too. Overall, this dog makes an excellent companion.

# Maltese

Top  Popular Small Dog
  • The Maltese are a soft little white dog with a gentle also brave disposition. At under seven pounds,
  • this toy dog is often seen as a “purse pooch,” something these dogs lovely enjoy.
  • The Maltese are a playful and energetic dog that bonds closely with its owner.
  • The dog can be traced back to ancient times, where it was the beloved companion of royalty and nobility.
  • Today’s Maltese is just as pampered and is also relatively popular. While this dog can be vocal and prissy and times,
  • the Maltese is a brave short breed that is tougher than it looks!


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